13 June, 2013

• Gallery Cache - Big Threat of Storage

          Hey friends, here I come to know about a great enemy of storage in Android. There are many factors which are responsible to occupy more unnecessary space in SD card or in Internal storage. But here I will talk about Gallery Caches & Thumbnails. These are the cache and thumbnails files of our images & videos, stored in Android Gallery. Gallery uses these files for preview of images & videos but after deleting such media files from gallery, their cache & thumbnails are still there in our storage. So, it is necessary to delete such caches otherwise, after long period of time, there will be 100s of MB or GB of storage will be unnecessarily occupied. So, feel free to cleanup these files without losing of any kind of data.

I am using Gingerbread in my Android device. And I found these gallery caches & thumbnails under this location "../mnt/sdcard/Android/data/com.cooliris.media/cache/" in my file manager. I hope, this path will be same as I have mentioned above,  in all other Android versions. Here, com.cooliris.media is a folder, created by Default Android Gallery. Here, some folders like "com.cooliris.media", "cache" will be hidden. So, change settings in your file manager or in system to display hidden files & folders. Generally, these caches will cause storage problem after long time as during long time-period, useless files will be increased.

So, follow these steps to remove caches and to free up memory:
  Go to your File Manager and open "cache" folder as given in above path.
  In this folder, there are many others folders like "hires-image-cache", "local-image-thumbs", "local-video-thumbs" etc.
  All these folders contains different caches & thumbnails as per their folder name. So, check the size of these folders and delete all files in them and get large amount of free space. You will not loose any images or videos in your Gallery.
  Enjoy lots of free space!! 

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